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Teeth cavities are mainly caused because of tooth decay. The cavity thus formed spreads deep into the tooth, reaching the inner pulp leading to the speedy spread of infection. This can give you a hell lot of pain. A root canal treatment can be the best solution in such a case.

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How is root canal performed?

Root canal treatment is not at all painful as most people think it to be. In order to discard the pain, the first step is to apply anesthesia to the infected tooth. After this, the infected pulp is exposed using a drill.

To flake out the infected pulp, simple files or a rotary machine are used to make their way to the root canals. In case of severe infection and swelling, an antibiotic paste is used to fill the root canals for a few days. This helps to eliminate the infection. The other option is that your dentist might prescribe antibiotics for a few days prior to the root canal treatment.

After sufficient shaping and cleaning, an anti-septic solution is used to irrigate the root canals. They are then dried and filled with a material that is bio-friendly. In some cases, a post is used to strengthen the roots and then a crown is used to fill and cover the tooth, which restores its functionality.

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