Silver Filling Removal

Removal Of Silver Filling

Although there has been no research which indicates that silver mercury fillings are detrimental to your dental health, we have seen a lot of problems that take underneath the old fillings. These cannot be easily noticed from the surface or with X-Rays, and is basically to do with cracks in your teeth and decay getting under the old fillings. Since silver fillings are opaque to X-Rays, the cavity under the filling cannot be seen until they become quite evident. We have found that in the absence of X-Rays, just 50% of the activities can be seen, while 80-85% can be seen if X-Rays are used. Even then, close to 20% of cavities cannot be seen.

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With time, old silver fillings get cracked, leading to a continuous cavity under the filling. This may result in root canal therapy and a requirement for a crown. Silver fillings that are broken can be replaced conservatively with composite resins or an additional silver filling. Porcelain onlays are used to replace large silver fillings.

Natural-Look Fillings

For natural-look fillings, we use composite resin, which is available in a wide variety of shades. They can be sculpted and molded to create any contour or shape-keeping in mind the objective of creating the best match for your other teeth with respect to tone and proportion. The resin is secured so that a seal gets formed to reduce any chances of leaking, which is the most major problem with silver fillings.

NOTE: We use an intraoral camera to show you the tiny and obscured cracks in your silver fillings. Contact us now to get a complementary consultation.

And coming to the new technological aspect….Get a direct preview of how our experts can improve your smile. We have a new interactive software program through which we can download your present image and create a new picture following the treatment.

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