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If you are depressed with the color of your teeth and have tried your very best to make them whiter without any fruitful results, don’t lose hope now. Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment performed at Alluna. It involves bleaching your teeth which gives them a lighter shade.

Teeth whitening is a type of dentistry and should only be performed by experts or regulated dental professionals like a dental therapist, dental hygienist, on the prescription of a dentist.

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Factors causing tooth discoloration

  • Frequent drinking of dark-colored beverages like coffee or tea and smoking. The colors of the food get adsorbed onto the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Not cleaning the teeth thoroughly. The accumulated dental plaque contains fungi or bacteria that can produce color and form orange and green stains.
  • It can also be due to sickness or intake of tetracycline-an antibiotic. The teeth so formed will be brownish-yellow to grayish-blue.
  • If a deciduous tooth is heavily decayed, the pulp remains exposed to bacteria. This causes an infection near the region of the developing permanent successor. This disturbs enamel development, which leads to formation of brownish-yellow patches.
  • Long-term usage of fluoride can change the development of your teeth enamel, and will be visible as white patches on the teeth.
  • The other reason is due to unsuccessful root canal treatment.

Working of Tooth Whitening

There are many techniques to whiten your teeth like whitening toothpastes and some great products that can remove surface stains at a reasonable cost. However, some light-activated whitening methods performed by a dentist can cost as high as $1,000 with dramatic results.

A bleaching gel is usually placed in a transparent tray which is then placed over your teeth. A light held in front of the teeth for approximately an hour stimulates the gel to start bleaching the dentine and enamel of your teeth. After this time period, you’ll be walking out of the dental clinic with a significantly brighter smile.

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